A PlaceOS App combines integration drivers, logic and user interfaces to enable a specific solution. For example, Desk booking. These Apps can be purchased in any combination and can be part of our broader suites. Apps are great starting points and are ready to use immediately. 

Available Apps

PlaceOS develops integration drivers frequently. Each new integration enables new automation, analytics and user experience possibilities. When we discover something interesting, we package it as a PlaceOS App. These are all of our available apps!

Room Booking Free

All your meeting room management and booking needs made easy.

Desk Booking Location And Information Interface PlaceOS

Room Booking Basic

All your meeting room management and booking needs made easy.

PlaceOS Room Booking App Basic Meeting Room Booking Details

Desk Booking

Find, manage, and book desks with intuitive workflows and automation.

Desk Booking location and information

Energy Reduction

Monitor and track energy trends over time. Reduce energy consumption.

PlaceOS room power usage breakdown - energy reporting

Visitor Management

Provide a seamless experience for your most important visitors

PlaceOS Visitor Management App Invite Sent to Guest Notification