The Operating System for your Building

Hundreds of buildings worldwide use PlaceOS for room management, occupancy reporting, automation and energy savings.
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A Fully Integrated Suite of Smart Building Solutions

Connect every device, sensor, user, building system, and software package into one platform. PlaceOS has an extensive library of drivers, with new integrations published frequently.

Each integration provides data (input) and possible actions (output). We can now automate workflows and trigger actions across integrations. For example, occupancy (input) can activate HVAC levels (output). Automation can deliver a no-touch user experience.

PlaceOS Skills Add Condition & Trigger Interface
PlaceOS triggers and automation interface

PlaceOS has real-time connections that can stream to a time-series database. This provides real-time monitoring, context-aware user experiences and the ability to run reports on the metrics most important to you, such as occupancy and energy usage.

Facility management energy costs interface and dashboard
Energy use per room
Daily utilization graph


Suites are a combination of features that enable an industry-specific solution. Our suites include features that complement each other. For example, WorkMate includes room booking, which has workflow automation to improve the visitor management process. And our telehealth suite has waiting room logic that triggers video conferencing events. 

Rather than purchasing individual Apps, our Suites provide a turn-key solution to a broad set of challenges. PlaceOS suites are ready to use immediately, without the need for customization.

WorkMate: All-in-one Workplace Solution

WorkMate is a suite of features to manage your space needs and improve employee experience. Manage your rooms, desks, assets, visitors and catering with one unified experience. Edit your logic and rules anytime. WorkMate Includes integration into sensors, cameras and WiFi access points for automatic check-in and utilization reporting.

PlaceOS triggers and automation interfacePlaceOS room booking find a space interface


WorkMate includes the most common workplace systems and devices to enable the suite of features. These integrations are hot-swappable, so you could even change your hardware vendor to another supported integration, and the system will continue to operate. Or you might use different devices across multiple buildings.

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Room Booking
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Desk Booking
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Visitor Management
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Plus much more!


We can enable automation beyond the front-end interface with a direct connection to your systems and devices. Why push a button when we can automate? Examples include automatic room check-in and visitor management with building access control automation. A recent addition automatically sends surveys based on behaviors (such as room check-in) to receive user feedback.


A PlaceOS App combines integration drivers, logic and user interfaces to enable a specific solution, for example, Desk booking. These Apps can be purchased in any combination and can be part of our broader suites. Apps are great starting points and are ready to use immediately. 

Featured Apps

PlaceOS develops integration drivers frequently. Each new integration enables new automation, analytics and user experience possibilities. When we discover something interesting, we package it as a PlaceOS App. The featured Apps below solve some prevalent and fundamental challenges.

Room Booking

All your meeting room management and booking needs made easy.

Desk Booking Location And Information Interface PlaceOS

Desk Booking

Find, manage, and book desks with intuitive workflows and automation.

Desk Booking location and information

Energy Monitoring

Monitor and track energy trends over time. Reduce energy consumption.

PlaceOS room power usage breakdown - energy reporting
400k+ group
Users globally
300+ business
Buildings deployed
50+ business_center
Enterprises helped
40+ public
Countries served
100+ extension
Integrations supported

What our clients have to say about PlaceOS

Suncorp logo

“Our market research led us to the conclusion that every product was years behind PlaceOS.”

Darren Latter, Technology Executive at Suncorp
Darren Latter, Technology Executive
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“PlaceOS integrations for NSW Health had over 3,000 clinician’s feedback satisfaction reporting over 95%”

Donna Parkes, Virtual Care Stream Lead at NSW Health
Donna Parkes, Virtual Care Stream Lead
NSW Health

Solutions for Any Industry

Integrations and interfaces enable PlaceOS features. Many integrations are standard across industries, and in most cases, we can think of all user experience through two lenses: tenant and landlord. But of course, each sector has requirements unique to their space needs.


Workplaces struggle with space utilization and support for flexible working. PlaceOS streamlines room bookings and enhances collaboration, addressing inefficiencies and supporting a blend of remote and in-office work, making the workplace more adaptable.


Campuses face challenges in navigation, communication, and creating a conducive learning environment. PlaceOS facilitates easier navigation, integrates learning tools, and improves resource management, enhancing the campus experience for students and staff.


Healthcare facilities aim to enhance patient care while managing resources efficiently. PlaceOS streamlines communication, optimizes patient flow, and supports caregivers, improving operational efficiency and patient experiences.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate needs to attract and retain tenants while managing costs. PlaceOS enhances tenant satisfaction with smart building features, improving space utilization and reducing energy consumption, making properties more competitive.

Aged Care

Aged care facilities focus on providing personalized care and ensuring resident safety. PlaceOS automates routine tasks and enables better communication, allowing caregivers to focus more on compassionate care.

Smart Building

Buildings often have disparate systems that don't talk to one another, at all. PlaceOS simplifies system integration, optimizes energy use, and enhances comfort, addressing the complexities of managing intelligent buildings.

Your Privacy is Our Top Priority

You might want to track people in a building or tenancy in some projects. Location tracking can enable personalisation, space utilization reporting, and building health and safety workflows. But we do not track people if you do not need these features. It is always optional.We do not own or sell your data.

We do not own or sell your data. We do not have any advertising-based business models. And we can conform to the policies of your HR and IT departments. We have many enterprise and government clients and have a security document based on the audits we have had to go through. We encourage you to meet with our product engineering team if you have questions about privacy and security.

Our Core Values

Solutions Across Industry

We love working with multiple industry verticals to solve common problems with transferable ideas. There is a strong need for an integration platform across university campuses, workplaces, hospitals, retail spaces, and hospitality venues.

The general building industry is ready to embrace open platforms such as PlaceOS to solve problems for their tenants and the environment. We are excited by the possibilities of improving user experience and reducing energy consumption at the same time.


We grow our business through partnerships. It allows our team to focus on product innovation and our partners to focus on services and customisations. We don’t just collect partner logos- we invest in enablement and treat our partners like team members. Our ultimate goal is to be the center of a marketplace for intelligent spaces with partners, customers and employees contributing for the benefit of all.

We Are Investing in People

We love to develop in-house skills and fast-track the careers of young (or young at heart) people. With so many exciting and challenging projects- we attract the best problem solvers in the tech industry.