Your Building's Operating System

Hundreds of buildings worldwide use PlaceOS for hybrid work, room management, occupancy reporting, automation and energy savings.
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Take control of your workplace

Manage all your buildings, floors, rooms, desks, staff and visitors with one tool that works with what you're already using. Make the office easy to use for your employees.
PlaceOS WorkMate Home Dashboard
PlaceOS WorkMate Meeting Room Booking
PlaceOS WorkMate Desk Booking Form
PlaceOS WorkMate Space Availability Map
PlaceOS WorkMate Spaces and sensors, climate control
PlaceOS WorkMate Events Workplace

Connect your business to your building

The biggest issue with workspaces is that people have no agency over their environment. Start by connecting the software, tools, and devices you already use with building systems and sensors to use the building as an extension of your business.
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Understand how you're using space

Collect and analyze data that helps you make better decisions about your workplace, campus facilities, hospital, meeting rooms, office layout, and desks.
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Automate the space around you

Trigger actions like automatic desk check-in to improve occupancy reporting, room release for ghost meetings improve room utilization data, or turn off HVAC when spaces aren't being used to reduce energy consumption.
Microsoft Integration
Cisco Meraki Integration
Siemens Integration

When a space is booked, 30 minutes prior to booking, turn on the HVAC system.

Occupancy + BMS (HVAC)
Google Calendar Integration
Lutron Electronics Integration

When a space is booked, 20 minutes prior to booking, turn on lighting preset.

Occupancy + Lighting
Microsoft Integration
Crestron Integration
Gallagher integration

When a space is booked, 15 minutes prior to booking, unlock doors & set devices to prepared.

Occupancy + AV + Access Control
Modular Solutions

A fully integrated suite of smart building solutions

Take complex building tech and make simple solutions. Manage your workspace, make it hybrid, handle all of your meeting rooms, create a hot-desk environment, build a smart campus, or automate energy use.
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Global Scale

Go global, control local

Scale from a single building to a global portfolio, create custom rules and configurations for different regions, buildings, and levels, while maintaining a consistent experience across your entire organization. Cater for culture & custom.
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400k+ group
Users globally
300+ business
Buildings deployed
50+ business_center
Enterprises helped
40+ public
Countries served
100+ extension
Integrations supported

What our clients have to say about PlaceOS

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“Our market research led us to the conclusion that every product was years behind PlaceOS.”

Darren Latter, Technology Executive at Suncorp
Darren Latter, Technology Executive
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“PlaceOS integrations for NSW Health had over 3,000 clinician’s feedback satisfaction reporting over 95%”

Donna Parkes, Virtual Care Stream Lead at NSW Health
Donna Parkes, Virtual Care Stream Lead
NSW Health
Custom Enterprise

Create your own solution

Create a completely custom smart building solution. Tailor workflows to your exact needs, build an application for your entire organization, and automate everything you can.
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Build your own products & apps

Use our extensive documentation and training to build and sell your own products and solutions. Provide a unified experience for your tenants, generate additional revenue streams.
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Solutions for Any Industry

Integrations and interfaces enable PlaceOS features. Many integrations are standard across industries, and in most cases, we can think of all user experience through two lenses: tenant and landlord. But of course, each sector has requirements unique to their space needs.


Workplaces struggle with space utilization and support for flexible working. PlaceOS streamlines room bookings and enhances collaboration, addressing inefficiencies and supporting a blend of remote and in-office work, making the workplace more adaptable.


Campuses face challenges in navigation, communication, and creating a conducive learning environment. PlaceOS facilitates easier navigation, integrates learning tools, and improves resource management, enhancing the campus experience for students and staff.


Healthcare facilities aim to enhance patient care while managing resources efficiently. PlaceOS streamlines communication, optimizes patient flow, and supports caregivers, improving operational efficiency and patient experiences.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate needs to attract and retain tenants while managing costs. PlaceOS enhances tenant satisfaction with smart building features, improving space utilization and reducing energy consumption, making properties more competitive.

Aged Care

Aged care facilities focus on providing personalized care and ensuring resident safety. PlaceOS automates routine tasks and enables better communication, allowing caregivers to focus more on compassionate care.

Smart Building

Buildings often have disparate systems that don't talk to one another, at all. PlaceOS simplifies system integration, optimizes energy use, and enhances comfort, addressing the complexities of managing intelligent buildings.