Custom enterprise solutions

Described as the WordPress for buildings, the platform excels as an abstraction layer that simplifies the complexities between interfaces and backends. This capability is central to its role as a modular system seamlessly integrating with various building management systems, including HVAC.

Modular & customizable

At its core is a backend interface, a super admin console tailored for complex integrations like BACnet. This ensures that logic and functionality remain consistent despite changes in physical integrations, allowing front-end developers to operate without extensive domain knowledge of building management systems.

APIs & integration

The platform provides APIs that enable extensive customization and seamless integration into existing enterprise systems. These APIs facilitate functions ranging from room and desk bookings with additional options like catering and asset management, to visitor management and real-time data displays. Designed for adaptability, these APIs ensure that modifications can be made easily and with minimal disruption.


Templated interfaces

The platform comes with example interfaces that demonstrate potential uses of its APIs, serving as starting points. Enterprises have the flexibility to adapt, modify, or completely customize these templates to meet specific needs, whether integrating with an HR application or a broader enterprise system.

Documentation & support

Comprehensive documentation is available, catering to both developers and non-developers. This documentation is crucial for understanding how to effectively utilize the platform. All API documentation, including swagger files, is publicly accessible on the documentation site, encouraging users to explore the platform’s extensive capabilities.


Suncorp @MyOffice workplace application

Suncorp utilized PlaceOS as the foundation to develop a custom workplace application tailored to their specific needs. This application integrates various building systems to optimize space usage, streamline operations, and enhance user experiences by automating features such as desk and room bookings, and visitor management.
Apple store screenshot Suncorp @MyOffice
Commercial Real Estate

Landlord client

The client is a landlord that provides shared facilities to all tenants. The client decided to custom-design the interface in a series of workshops with their tenants and our development partner. The custom solution is tailored around multi tenant users- sharing resources across the building.
Lanlord client multi tenancy solution

Consulting firm

The client is a large multinational consulting firm. We worked with them to design their own workplace application with meeting room booking, desk booking andspace utilization.
Multinational consulting firm workplace apaplication

Energy & resources company

With over one hundred meeting rooms in a single office building, the Energy client wanted a tailored experience for their employees. Our agency partner designed a custom web application that included 3D floor plans.
Energy & resources company workplace application
Visitor Management

Accounting & business consultant

The client wanted to focus on the visitor management interface and automated workflows. With purpose-built ‘client floors', the client hosts hundreds of visitors daily. The client worked with our agency partner to run workshops, design prototypes and customize the interface to suit their needs.
Consulting firm visitor management solution

Government Workplace

This government organization focused on accessibility with a color-blind-friendly design. The wide-screen kiosk displayed space availability and public transport timetable information.
Government workplace app

Sydney icon

A popular venue had the unique requirement of video playback at key locations on a guided tour. The outcome was the ability to run more tours by having more places to run information videos.
Venue signage solution