Room Booking App Basic

Finding space should be simple, but an enterprise workplace can be tricky. PlaceOS has over ten years of experience helping organizations find and book suitable spaces. We have developed a few tricks like easy-to-edit rules for different rooms and automatic check-in with space analytics.
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Search, view & book rooms

Search for rooms based on availability, size, features and location. View workplace map with real-time availability. Manage, monitor, edit, delete or move bookings. Check-in via touch display on room book panel.
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Room Display

Display room availability on tablets

Display room availability. Use any hardware supporting full-screen kiosk mode.  Use our Native iPad App.
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Calendar Integration

Integrate with Google Workspace, Microsoft Azure AD and Outlook. Book a room from Outlook using our plugin.
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Quick & Automatic Check-In

Check-in using the display or via occupancy conditions.
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Automate the room

Automatically cancel ghost meetings with room release logic.
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Configure room rule sets

Create and configure the rules and conditions upon which meeting room bookings can be made.

Restrict rooms to between 7:00AM & 7:00PM + 10 Days in Advance





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