Smart Campus

A campus is akin to a mini smart city, functioning with interconnected systems that must communicate seamlessly to foster true connectivity.

We've implemented many campus solutions around the globe, focusing on students, staff, energy reduction and overall campus experience.
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Campus challenges

System integration

Campuses often employ a wide array of systems and technologies sourced from multiple vendors. Integrating these diverse systems presents a significant challenge, as it requires creating a cohesive environment where all components communicate effectively and operate seamlessly together.

Scalability and future-proofing

Developing infrastructure that is both scalable and capable of adapting to future advancements in technology poses a substantial challenge. Campuses need to anticipate growth and technological shifts, requiring infrastructure that is flexible and can scale or evolve as needed.

Privacy and security

As campuses integrate more sophisticated technologies, ensuring the privacy of data and securing the systems against breaches becomes increasingly complex. The challenge lies in implementing robust security measures that protect sensitive information across various interconnected systems without compromising functionality.

User adoption and training

The introduction of new technologies on campuses often meets with resistance from users accustomed to traditional methods. The challenge is not only in deploying new systems but also in encouraging their adoption and providing effective training to ensure all users can navigate and utilize these technologies efficiently.

Energy costs

Campuses are typically large and spread out, making energy management especially challenging. Most campuses operate their major energy-consuming systems, like HVAC, on a rigid schedule — from the opening to the closing of the facility — which can lead to significant and unnecessary energy expenditure.

Connecting the campus

The first step in any smart campus solution is to connect your software, building systems, classroom scheduling, AV equipment, active directory, and end points.

This enables experiences like in-room AV control, HVAC optimization, energy reduction, room & desk booking, and access control.





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Reduce your energy bill

Connect class schedules, occupancy data, and HVAC systems to significantly reduce energy usage, adapting energy consumption to the real-time needs of the campus.
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Facility Management

Manage the entire campus

Manage occupancy, incidents, analytics, cleaning, site verification, contractor inductions and after hours.
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Lecture Theaters

Real-time, remote & automated AV control

Academics can adjust classroom settings in real-time or preset preferences to create the optimal learning environment. The system supports integration with many devices including laptops, screens, monitors, projectors, AV, lighting, climate and automated blinds.
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Book using ChatGPT & Copilot

Ask ChatGPT or CoPilot to, "book a study session in the library for myself and Linda at 1PM" or "book a desk for tomorrow".
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Room booking

Book study sessions

Students can easily book rooms or book desks for individual study or group sessions through a user-friendly interface.
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Digital ID

Authentication & access

Secure authentication processes for students, teachers, facilities staff, and administration ensure that access is controlled and data privacy is maintained. Provide the right access to the right information for the right people.
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Navigate the campus

Blue dot navigation and kiosks provide turn-by-turn directions, helping users easily locate rooms, desks, and other points of interest both indoors and outdoors.
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Manage car spaces

Locate and book available car spaces, streamlining parking during busy campus hours.

Administrators can manage and assign car spaces.
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