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PlaceOS Telehealth is a suite built in collaboration with health experts. The product leverages core integrations such as Webex for video conferencing platform, authentication tools, physical devices and more, as well as delivering a highly functional front-end to manage user experience for patients, carers, clinicians, administrators and interpreters.

Everything Included in Our TeleHealth Suite

TeleHealth is a holistic virtual care suite. It contains a host of features that focus on improving the lines of communication between healthcare staff, their patients & families.

Native Conferencing video_call

Built-in conferencing using Webex by Cisco.
Simple, intuitive & familiar workflows.
Invite third-party participants like specialists or family members.

Chat Room question_answer

Configure the chat room settings.
Chat bot features.
Add relevant healthcare documents in the chat room.

Queue Management hourglass_bottom

See current call status.
See waiting list for each room.
View individual room waiting lists.

Business Hours schedule

Configure each clinic's business hours.

Educational Resources school

Include educational resources & surveys for feedback.
Allows for video & images too.

Medicare Billing payment

Set National Healthcare billing options.

Authentication password

Integrates with your Active Directory for authentication.
Microsoft Integrationgoogle integration

Reporting & Analytics analytics

Gain access to call time, number of calls, wait times & more.
Understand patient care.

Integrations & Automation

PlaceOS has an extensive library of integrations. TeleHealth includes the most common conferencing systems and devices to enable the suite of features. These integrations are hot-swappable, so you could even change your software vendor to another supported integration, and the system will continue to operate. Or you might use different integrations across multiple regions. 

We can enable automation beyond the front-end interface with a direct connection to your systems and devices. Why push a button when we can automate? Want to trigger an action when a certain condition is met? This

Webex Integration

Growth & Development

PlaceOS develops, delivers and hosts TeleHealth as a service. We frequently update the TeleHealth package with improvements, fixes and new features. When you subscribe to TeleHealth, you have access to these ongoing benefits. And as healthcare institutions use TeleHealth, we have tens of thousands of active daily users- providing feedback and testing the solution.  

If you want to learn more about our releases, you can follow our product team's monthly release webcast.

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