Visitor Management App

Simplify visitor management processes in busy workplaces, enhance the experience for visitors, hosts, and concierge.
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Integrate with the building

Integrate with access control systems for guest authentication and access.
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Send email invites

Visitors receive a welcome email containing directions, access details, and a unique QR code for quick check-in. Contact information is readily available for further assistance.
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Receive arrival notifications

Hosts are notified immediately when guests have arrived and check in.
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See who's coming in

Concierge can view today’s visitor list, including guest details and status. They have the capability to check in guests manually if necessary.
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Check In

Check in with a QR Code

The visitor kiosk allows guests to scan their QR code for automatic entry.
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Indoor Wayfinding & Places of Interest

Blue dot wayfinding with our MapsPeople Integration. Set unique locations of interest for easy wayfinding.
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Frequently Asked Questions for Visitor Management App

What features does the Visitor Management App offer?

The app simplifies visitor management processes, including visitor registration, email invites, QR code check-in, and host notifications.

How does the visitor check-in process work?

Visitors can check in using a unique QR code sent to them via email, which they can scan at a kiosk for automatic entry.

Does the app support access control integration?

Yes, the app integrates with access control systems for guest authentication and access management. Our access control integrations include Gallagher, Lenel, Inner Range Integriti, Rhombus and AxiomXA.

Can the app notify hosts when their guests arrive?

Yes, hosts receive immediate notifications when their guests check in.

Is there a feature for concierge staff?

Yes, concierge staff can view the visitor list, guest details, and manually check in guests if needed.

Does the app provide wayfinding assistance?

Yes, the app offers indoor wayfinding through MapsPeople Integration, helping visitors navigate the building.

Can I send email invites to visitors?

Yes, the app allows sending email invites with directions, access details, and QR codes for quick check-in.

Does the Visitor Management App integrate with other PlaceOS apps?

Yes, it works well with other PlaceOS apps like Room Booking and WorkMate.

What is the workflow for inviting visitors and how can the system differentiate between physical attendees and those attending virtually?

You can select "attending" or "virtual" on the visitor invite to differentiate between physical attendees and virtual participants.

Do we integrate with HID Origo (the Cloud HID platform)?

Yes, the app integrates with HID Origo for enhanced access control.

Can we issue guest Wi-Fi passwords via Meraki integration?

Yes, guest Wi-Fi passwords can be issued through Meraki integration.

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