Government Agency

Project Overview

This Government Agency requires a multifunctional and scalable workspace management system to serve various federal agencies. It must accurately authenticate users to manage and charge for space utilization, and provide a scalable model suitable for other government spaces facing underutilization.


PlaceOS Platform Integration 

Leveraging cloud-hosted PlaceOS on Azure for robust connectivity with essential data sources and systems. The setup includes branding, an interactive floorplan, and multiple user access points (employee/member app, concierge app, kiosk app).

Authentication and User Account Management 

Utilizes Azure B2C for streamlined single sign-on (SSO) capabilities, allowing users to create accounts using government-approved email domains.

Advanced Resource Booking and Management

Room & Desk Booking interfaces for users. Concierge Interface for room & desk management. Room Configuration & Rule Sets.

Occupancy Tracking

Employs both reservation data and real-time tracking (using Webex and HermanMiller sensor technologies) for precise occupancy monitoring.

Feedback and Satisfaction Metrics

Integrates comprehensive feedback mechanisms directly within the app, allowing for detailed user satisfaction analysis and adjustments.

Dynamic Space Booking

Includes logic for desk and room reservations with automated adjustments for no-shows and detailed reporting on space usage.

Visitor Management and Real-Time Location Services (RTLS)

Minimal visitor management due to security constraints and advanced RTLS for finding colleagues within the facility.

Authenticated WiFi Access and Feedback Systems

Implements WiFi access linked to room/desk reservations and automated survey distribution post-use to gather user feedback.

Space Utilization

Desk & room utilization data broken down by agency.



Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Automation of billing, chargebacks, and real-time tracking of space usage streamline operations and reduce administrative overhead.

Improved User Experience 

The integrated app enhances user interactions by providing a single platform for all workspace management needs, including bookings, feedback, and real-time location tracking.

Sustainability and Adaptability

The system's design not only supports current operational needs but also offers a scalable model for other agencies. This adaptability is crucial for repurposing underutilized government spaces efficiently.

This solution addresses the immediate needs of the agency while setting a standard for future workspace management solutions across the government sector.