Project Overview

In preparation for their new office space, Suncorp recognized that they were not perceived as technology innovators and decided to take action. They embarked on a research mission to determine what their ideal technological infrastructure would look like, and then worked backward to identify which specific technologies would help them achieve that goal. Their ultimate objective was to create a system that could serve as the "brain" of their new building.

Suncorp had observed that there were numerous manual processes in place, and a vast amount of data was being generated, but very little of it was being used to derive meaningful insights.



A workplace application developed by NTT using the PlaceOS Platform. It's a completely custom solution that Suncorp uses to power all of the workplace needs. It handles all space booking, workplace wayfinding, space management, workplace occupancy, car park management, visitor management, locker management, mail & parcel tracking as well as reporting and analytics.

Room Release

Utilizing a combination of authentication, active directory, occupancy sensors and wifi triangulation. PlaceOS is able to determine the use of meeting rooms in real time by cross referencing all of the above integrations as well as conditions determined by the organization as to whether or not the room is being used so that it can then release the room if it doesn’t meet occupancy conditions.

Dynamic Desk Power

The following integrations, authentication, active directory, occupancy sensors and wifi triangulation provide PlaceOS with accurate real time information that is then used to determine whether or not a desk is in use. Once determined in use, if the conditions state that after 30 minutes no presence is detected then release that room. 


PlaceOS uses BMS data to present that information in real time on map interfaces for users’ benefit. This information helps reduce complaints and raised tickets to Facilities Managers. 

"Our market research led us to the conclusion that every product was years behind PlaceOS."
Darren Latter
Executive Technology Delivery Manager



  • Mobility is the norm. 80% of Suncorp Heritage Lanes employees said they perform their work in multiple locations, while 73% of employees use multiple workspaces within Heritage Lanes.
  • Technology is key. With desk sharing now the norm and meeting rooms in demand, employees listed desk and room booking systems as the third most important physical feature of the office (behind desks and chairs).
  • The opening of Heritage Lanes also introduced Suncorp’s @MyOffice app, which employees use for this purpose, as well as their digital ID for gaining access. This is a custom built solution developed together in partnership with Suncorp & PlaceOS to create their own application with PlaceOS as the platform behind it all.