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A Better Place

Presenting a better place, a new format to our monthly newsletter.

Presenting a better place, a new format to our monthly newsletter. Where we talk about emerging trends, how we’re improving PlaceOS, and ultimately how we’re getting to a better place. This month we’re discussing sustainability, visitor management experience upgrades and new field import options.

What we’re seeing

While a lot of people are focused on hybrid-working environments and how best to manage a dynamic workforce, we think there is a more powerful driving-force that’s going to shape the future of smart buildings. Sustainability.

Some cities are taking action already by legislating sustainability targets for buildings like Local Law 97 in New York and NABERS in Australia. And there are plenty of great people who are really pushing this issue and providing great insight.

We believe the greatest potential lies in the opportunity to improve every aspect of the building by using sustainability as a catalyst.

Sabrina, our Global Head of Platform Solutions, has written a great article on this exact topic. To summarize, as a system becomes more efficient, it requires less energy to operate, utilization increases and the system requires less user input, if any.

We also see this as being the easiest place to get started. Improving efficiency and experience with an integration platform is a lower barrier to entry than a complete retrofit of a building or technology stack. If you can get more out of what you’ve got, why not start there?

Creating a better PlaceOS


Visitor management

We’ve made a serious upgrade to our visitor management experience by decoupling it from our booking experiences. We’ve also added Apple & Google Wallet Integrations.

The previous journey

Visitor management was tied into our booking experience. This meant any visitor invitation had to be generated through a meeting invitation. Before Wallet Integrations, visitors were verified by a booking form or QR Code.

How it’s improved

By decoupling visitor management from booking, this means we can enable visitor management as a stand alone feature as well as create custom solutions around any visitor management requirements. With the addition of Wallet Integrations, when visitors receive their invitation, they can add their access pass to their digital wallets. This simplifies the experience and reduces friction.

  • Upload user preferences & induction
  • Apple/Google Wallet passes for building access/verification
  • Simplified enablement

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