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Auto Assign

Auto-assign desks by department and car spaces with ANPR integration for efficient visitor management.

Auto-assign desks

Auto-assign desks is a new feature where our desk booking system will automatically place you at a desk with colleagues from the same department.

The integration with Active Directory leverages user data to identify users from the same department.

When someone books a desk, PlaceOS references the department of that user then checks that against other bookings by people in the same department. If someone from their department has booked a desk in a particular zone for that day, we will assign them as close as possible based on desk positioning on the map.

Auto-assign car spaces

PlaceOS now offers automatically assigned car spaces for building visitors with full integration into ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) systems.

Building visitors are invited as per our typical visitor management user experience. If the visitor is driving their own vehicle, they are able to enter their license plate number into our application.

Post approval, when the visitor arrives on site and presents at the boom age, the ANPR system will automatically provide them access and assign them a predetermined parking space.

Once the visitor has entered the car park, the option to trigger notifications for security, concierge, and meeting hosts can be actioned to let them know they’ve arrived.

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