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LIVE DEMO: Energy Analytics Dashboards, Outlook Plugin & More

A live demonstration of our latest in Commercial Building Energy Analytics, our Outlook Plugin & workplace application.

We’re trying something new. Once a month I’ll post about any new updates or features we’ve added to the platform. This month we’ve got the team that built these products showcasing the features for you. Here’s what you can expect:

Building Energy Analytics in PlaceOS Portal

Marvin Yoong, Senior Software Engineer

Marvin has been hard at work creating our new PlaceOS Portal which will completely reshape the way you interact and manage PlaceOS. Before we unveil the entire suite, he'll be showcasing our brand new building analytics feature.

Microsoft Outlook Plugin for Room & Desk Booking

Julie Giles, Frontend Developer

The Outlook Plugin was a highly requested feature which enables users to utilize the full extent of PlaceOS Room Booking & Desk Booking right from their Outlook App or Web Browser.

Redesigning our Workplace Application

Candy Russo, Lead UI/UX Designer

Candy is a UX/UI wizard who designs all our front end interfaces. She's recently completed an overhaul of our workplace application and will be walking us through some of the thinking behind the design.


Jordy McIntyre

Head of Marketing

Jordy is the Head of Marketing at PlaceOS. He leads and executes all of our marketing campaigns, social media content, podcast series, webinars, website and events.