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Indoor Air Quality Integration: Kaiterra

A new indoor air quality integration & our new experience survey feature plus more!

indoor air quality dashboards


Kaiterra is on a mission to help companies achieve low carbon healthy buildings, starting from the air we breathe. According to Kaiterra, better air quality increases employee performance by $6,500 per person per year.

So, how does Kaiterra’s capabilities fit into the PlaceOS ecosystem?

Well, they are able to provide real-time air quality updates, enhance building performance and increase operational efficiency.  Advanced analytics and insights help uncover air quality issues, identify operational inefficiencies and action that should be taken. With buildings being responsible for 40% of global energy related carbon emissions, every improvement makes a difference.

Adding this capability to the PlaceOS ecosystem provides a whole new data set that we can utilize to trigger actions to improve experience and efficiency as well as provide additional context to gain better insights. For example:

  1. Display Data on Map Interfaces
  2. This kind of information helps users make decisions about where they’d like to work. This also reduces the number of tickets generated for facility managers.
  3. Trigger Notifications
  4. Automatically flag abnormalities and important data marks for facility managers and building operators.
  5. Trigger Actions
  6. Set thresholds on indoor air quality data to trigger HVAC systems to increase filtration when required.

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