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Introducing Event Manager

Introducing the Workplace Event Manager, your solution for seamless event planning and management. Optimize workplace events with our innovative tool.

Efficient event management is vital for workplace productivity and engagement. Recognizing the need for streamlined event organization, we have implemented PlaceOS's Event Manager, a powerful tool designed to simplify event planning and execution. The Event Manager offers a range of key features, including:

  • New UI for staff to view, book, and manage events
  • Expanded concierge navigation bar for seamless access
  • List view and calendar view options for event organization
  • Detailed event information and editing capabilities
  • Event creation process with general information and image options
  • Promotion feature for increased event visibility
  • External access and event registration for enhanced engagement
  • Central booking tool to simplify event planning and execution

With these features, our Event Manager significantly enhances event management in the workplace, enabling efficient coordination and a seamless event experience for all stakeholders.

PlaceOS Workplace Event Manager

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