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LIVE DEMO: Occupancy-Based Energy Automation

A live demonstration about Occupancy-Based Energy Automation, Our AI Roadmap & New Room Booking Features


โ„๏ธ Is your HVAC System running on a static schedule, no matter how busy (or empty) the building is?

๐Ÿค– Are you wondering about your workplace being left behind with the introduction of AI?

๐Ÿ“† Are you tired of tedious room booking processes?

It's so common in buildings for systems to be disparate, the HVAC System doesn't know if anyone is there, it doesn't know who has booked a space, it doesn't know how many people are there.

Enter PlaceOS, an integration platform that connects all your building systems, software & devices, creating a network of inputs and outputs. You can set conditions and triggers to automate workflows with simple IF this THEN that logic. Enabling you to save costs and promote sustainability with optimized energy consumption.

Join us for our next LIVE DEMO, where we will explore how PlaceOS is evolving to meet your unique needs and answer the previous questions.

We have the 3 following demonstrations:

โ„๏ธ Occupancy-Based Energy Automation

๐Ÿค– Chat-Based Building Experience

๐Ÿ“† Enhanced Room Booking Process

Tuesday 4th July | 7PM AEST | 10AM UK

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