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LIVE DEMO: Understanding Energy Analytics, Surveys & Catering

A live demo about technical details behind our energy analytics tools, valuable insights from surveys & our catering tool.


Join us on Tuesday, February 28th, 2023, at 10AM AEDT for a live product demonstration of our latest updates to PlaceOS. The features we will be covering are energy analytics, meeting room surveys, and catering add-ons.

Real time energy consumption dashboard for workplaces

Understanding Energy

Mario Favalli Ragusini, Head of Solution Design

Mario, our energy expert, will be doing a deep dive into Energy Analytics. He'll explain the technical details behind our analytics tools, where the data comes from and demonstrate how it can help you understand energy in your building. You'll get insights into energy usage patterns and areas for improvement, and learn about the technical decisions that go into optimizing energy usage in commercial real estate.

Desk booking app feature metadata tags

Meeting Room Surveys

Julie Giles, Frontend Software Developer

Julie will be presenting our new meeting room survey feature. She'll show you how you can use a combination of surveys and workflow automation to gather feedback from employees who use your meeting rooms. Understand why people are using spaces the way they do and gather the right information to make the right improvements to your meeting rooms. 

catering for meeting room booking app interface

Catering Add-Ons

Marvin Yoong, Senior Frontend Software Engineer

Marvin will be presenting the catering add-on feature. He'll show you the simple workflows we’ve implemented, making it easy for you to provide food and drinks for your guests. 

Jeremy, our Head of Product, will also be updating you on general platform and user experience improvements. 

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