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LIVE DEMO: Working with Working from Home

Using work location status to improve meeting room utilization.


Consider this…

You have a hybrid working environment.

People are working from home, remotely and the office.

You need to book a meeting, what size room do you book?

In a perfect world, you add the attendees and it should just figure it out for you. However, Google & Outlook only have the option to set your work location status manually.

That’s unreliable.I can’t remember the last time I changed my status.

If you’ve got 5 people set to WFH and 5 set to the Office. How can you trust that the 5 who set their status to office will actually be in?

This is where occupancy based data and workflow automation comes into play.

It adds a level of intelligence and reliability through integrations with other data sources to paint a more contextual picture.In this webinar, we’ll show you how a seemingly small feature leverages occupancy data and workflow automation to improve meeting room utilization.

Basically, how to avoid booking a room for 10 and only 2 show up.

We'll also be showcasing updates to Building Search & Wayfinding.

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