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LIVE DEMO: WorkMate Native iOS & Android

WorkMate is going Native!

Introducing WorkMate Native for iOS & Android

Join Us: Thursday 26th October 6PM AEDT - 8AM UK

WorkMate is a suite of features to manage your workspace needs and improve employee experience. Alongside resource booking, workplace management, visitor management, analytics & much more.

New Features of the Native App:

  1. Native App Experience: The app is designed to provide a native experience on both iOS and Android, offering smoother performance and better integration with device hardware.
  2. System Configuration Files: The app can send specific configuration files, especially useful for mobile device managers. This allows for mass configuration of devices.
  3. NFC and RFID Integration: The app can interact directly with access control systems and security gates using NFC and RFID, potentially eliminating the need for secondary staff badges.
  4. Native Location Services: Enhanced location services provide improved and accurate turn-by-turn navigation.
  5. Improved Authentication: The app offers a seamless authentication process, integrating with providers like Microsoft 365 and supporting two-factor verification.
  6. Enhanced User Interaction: Given the limited space on mobile devices, the app has been designed to offer an easy and intuitive user experience, with a simplified navigation ribbon and quick access to common functions.
  7. Backward Compatibility: The app is designed to function with any current Place OS deployment and can work alongside the existing web-based workplace app.

The native app aims to provide a seamless transition for users familiar with the web-based version while introducing new features that leverage the capabilities of mobile devices. The initial release is targeted for January or February of 2024

In addition, we will be unveiling our newly introduced room setup/breakdown feature and the latest improvements to product testing.

PlaceOS Native Workplace App WorkMate App Icon
Three iphones with workmate app interfaces on screen

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