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New WorkMate Features: Experience Surveys, WFH Status & more

New features for our workplace suite, WorkMate, includes Experience Surveys, Resource Pay, WFH Status & Quick Booking.

Experience Surveys

Experience Surveys can be enabled as part of PlaceOS ONE or our Enterprise Workplace Solutions. This feature allows organizations to gather insights into how users are engaging with their spaces, adding important context to any other types of utilization data that can be collected using PlaceOS.

Resource Pay

You can now add a checkout to any bookable resources as part of PlaceOS ONE or our Enterprise Workplace solution. This includes any:

  • Desks
  • Rooms
  • Car Spaces
PlaceOS Resource Payment Interface for Desks, Rooms & Resources

Work from Home Status

See who’s going to be in the office and when. This will also feed into room booking experience, for example, if someone is marked as working from home and booked into a meeting, this information will be factored in when catering for room size. Note the icons next to the confirmed attendees dictating their location for the upcoming meeting.

PlaceOS Work from Home Status Feature

Quick Booking Favorites

A new tab located on the homepage of our PlaceOS Work. You can now favorite any available resources and colleagues. You can see this on the left hand column below.

PlaceOS Quick Booking Favorites

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