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Vergesense: Object Detection & Occupancy Workflows

Upgrades to current occupancy integrations.

Our integrations are what make experience possible. Every time we add an integration or a technology we integrate with makes an improvement to their product, it’s the end user that benefits.

That’s exactly what happened with the Vergesense product, Signs of Life. It’s a unique sensor with the ability to detect occupancy as well as objects. This provides an extra layer of information and context that can be used for any experience that would benefit from it.

The use case they give is when a coat is over the back of a chair. If someone that was using that desk has stepped away for enough time that the system deems them no longer using that desk, then this information can be used in the system’s decision making on whether or not to take action.

And that’s what we’re interested in, actions that get triggered by context-aware data. For example, objects left in a room could trigger a notification to the previous occupant to see whether or not they’re still using the desk or space. The notification could be set for 30 minutes after no occupancy detected and could prompt the user with information like, we noticed you haven’t been at your desk for a while, are you coming back? You’ve left a few things behind as well, don’t forget to take them with you.

It could also be used for security reasons, like an unidentified person has left something behind that triggers a notification to the security team.

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