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Returning to workplace: 5 steps

PlaceOS can help you return to work with Covid19 tracking at your workplace.

Continue to improve user experience

PlaceOS can help you return to work with Covid19 tracking at your workplace. But we encourage you to think more broadly about your workplace user experience. We also have some ideas on how hybrid working will pan out and would love to share these with you during an online demo.

A smart workplace project is successful by combining the right elements. PlaceOS can bring together user location tracking, context-aware automation, good interface design, and provide a narrative approach to the user journey.

1. User location tracking

PlaceOS is an integration platform that ties your building, corporate, and IoT devices into one solution. We can track users in the building through wi-fi triangulation, laptop docking, BLE devices, IR sensors, lighting network sensors, cameras, or any other method.

As a modular platform we can support all of these methods at the same time- or any one of them- at any time.

2. Automatic control actions

PlaceOS provides a number of templated apps, interfaces and front-end APIs to build your own. However, it is not just an app. As a platform we can trigger things automatically so you do not need to open apps, hit buttons or use your mobile device.

We have a low-code/no-code interface to build your own conditions, rules, and actions.

if  { 100 people are on level 31 } then { turn up the air-con }

We also have APIs for developers to write logic drivers. This flexibility allows PlaceOS to adapt with you.

3. Interfaces designed by… designers

Have you noticed a lot of “smart building” interfaces suck? It’s mostly because they are designed by engineers, not UX designers. PlaceOS is a platform that separates the two core components of front-end UX and logic.

This means any web or graphic designer can build any interface from scratch. Many of our customers build their own interfaces and link it to the PlaceOS backend with our simple APIs.

We also have UX agency partnerships that can run UX workshops, build prototypes, and deliver workplace applications that are unique to your organization. But you could also get started with one of our front-end templates.

4. Your building is a narrative. The Who, Where, What, Why.  

PlaceOS is a platform that connects to everything in your building and workplace. This can help you return to work and manage Covid19 monitoring. But more importantly, it is adaptable to take on any workplace requirement.

You could start with our templates or scope a solution from scratch by combining interfaces, logic and integrations. It doesn’t have to be hard-  just break the user experience requirements down into a narrative. Who, Where, What and Why.


Provides us context and can come from corporate system integrations.

For example, Office365 tells us who is scheduled to be in a room.

Single Sign-On gives us access to the user's profile information.


Gives us the location to apply the previous context.

Are they in a room, at a desk, in the lobby, or at the carpark boom gate?

We can track this automatically with wifi triangulation, sensors, and/or cameras.


Is the action that we can trigger by combining the context of who and where.

Open the door, turn on the lights, adjust the aircon, set up the video call, etc.


Is about collecting data long-term and asking the right questions to gain insights.

All our integrations are essentially digital twins of devices and people.

This streams data to a time-series database for analytics or actions based on patterns.

5. And what about return on investment?


There is no limit on the rollout size of your PlaceOS Solution. We have clients running their global real estate portfolio on one system. This creates a uniform user experience. There are fewer faults and issues as every piece of technology is communicating with the same platform.


All requests are authenticated and authorized, applications and domains also need to be registered within PlaceOS to function with the API.

Cookies are secure, HTTPS and only transmitted on the relevant paths upon request. A valid authentication token will be checked against the domain, application and user upon any request. All input is whitelisted and models validated before being saved to the database.

Learn more about security here.

Real estate savings

Supports hot-desking and hybrid working environments by providing a clear view of utilization.

Repurpose underutilized spaces.

Workplace Attraction & Retention

Focus on user experience that your employees love. This is a point of difference that can make all the difference in attracting and keep staff. Put people first.

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