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Room Booking Updates: Recurring Booking & Room Manager

Updates to our Room Booking Experience including Recurring Bookings & the Room Manager

The updates to our room booking tool introduce highly requested features to enhance your room management experience. With the addition of recurring bookings, users can effortlessly schedule regular meetings and events, saving time and improving efficiency. Additionally, the new Room Manager provides centralized management of bookable rooms, allowing administrators to easily configure room details, create rooms, and streamline the booking process.

Recurring Bookings for Seamless Room Management:

  • Responding to user requests for recurring meeting capabilities
  • Exploring the recurring bookings feature in PlaceOS
  • Easy integration into existing room booking workflow
  • Selecting recurrence patterns and defining end dates
  • Time-saving benefits for regular meetings and events
  • Enabling predictability and efficiency in booking processes

Enhanced Room Management with the Room Manager:

  • Introduction to the room manager within the concierge interface
  • Centralized management of bookable rooms across buildings and levels
  • Configuring room details and settings through the user-friendly interface
  • Modifying system reference, display name, and room resource email
  • Configuring capacity, charge code, and room features
  • Visualizing room state with assigned map IDs and time zone settings
  • Uploading images for improved room identification
  • Simplified room creation and instant bookability for administrators

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