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Workplace Management App: New Features and Enhancements

Explore the new features of the refreshed Concierge workplace management app. Improve efficiency and optimize your workplace with our innovative solutions.

We are pleased to bring to you the latest upgrades in our Concierge system. The focus remains on enhancing user experience and streamlining tasks. Here’s a quick overview of the additions:

1. Building Manager:

  • Add and Modify: Easily integrate or revise building details.
  • Unified Portal: Perfect for organizations with a global building footprint.
  • Map Upload: Simple building map uploads for better visualization.
  • Detailed Building Info: Direct access to data like location, timezone, region, and floor count.
  • Building Features: Toggle on features such as room and desk booking, visitor management, and asset manager integration for specific buildings.

2. Asset Manager:

  • Add Products: Effortlessly input items, from tech tools to other organizational assets.
  • Record Maintenance: Track purchase details, expiration dates, and scheduled updates.
  • Product Specs: Enter product name, category, brand, and description. Plus, add images either manually or through a URL.

3. Parking Management:

  • Real-time Availability: Check parking slot availability on-the-go.
  • Parking Details: Display available parking levels and their current status.
  • Custom Parking Features: Add precise location info, optionally include images, and set parking parameters as needed.
  • Booking Duration: Define how long a parking space can be reserved, ensuring efficient use.

4. Enhanced Navigation Menu:

  • Categorized Features: Navigate through features categorized under labels like booking, visitor management, and reports.
  • User Experience: The intuitive categorization ensures a smoother, quicker, and more efficient user experience, helping you find what you need with fewer clicks.

Our latest updates are devised to make building and asset management more seamless than ever before. With the goal of continually improving, we anticipate these features will elevate the Concierge system to new heights. We always welcome feedback, so do let us know how your experience evolves. Stay connected for further improvements!

You can view the latest demo here.

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