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LIVE DEMO: Indoor Wayfinding & Workplace Management Overhaul

A brand new feature powered by a new integration. An overhaul of our workplace management application.


Introducing Indoor Wayfinding

Powered by MapsIndoor Integration

PlaceOS, adhering to our core philosophy of an API-first approach, has recently added a new integration and feature to our ranks, indoor wayfinding. By seamlessly integrating with MapsIndoors, this collaboration emphasizes the strength of integration and a platform approach. This integration finds its perfect applications in businesses, universities, stadiums, entertainment areas, airports, and hospitals.

This is particularly relevant for our large-scale enterprise and university campus clients.

MapsIndoors, a world-leading technology, exemplifies an outdoor-to-indoor wayfinding solution, constructed with the API-first mindset that champions broad compatibility and fluid integration. By building on Google Maps, it leverages the familiarity that consumers have with the platform, ensuring a wide acceptance. With the synergy of PlaceOS and MapsIndoors, users can now search, find, display, and navigate to venues effortlessly from their mobile devices.

Point to Point wayfinding map

Workplace Management Refresh

Our Workplace Management Tool, Concierge, has experienced an overhaul. If you've been following our product demos, you may have seen a hint of this. In this live demo, we'll guide you through both the new and updated features. Here are two examples:

PlaceOS Building management interface

New Addition: Building Manager

We've added a new feature to Concierge: the Building Manager. This is aimed at aiding national or global organizations with office buildings in multiple cities. It allows you to add a new building, modify building details, enable features, include levels, and upload maps from a single place.

PlaceOS Building Manager Building Details

Updated: Asset Manager

The Asset Manager has been refreshed with Concierge. Now, you'll find tabs for Requests, Products & Purchase Orders, making it simpler to access relevant information. Plus, adding a new product is now easier than before.

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