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New Feature: Locking Booking

Introducing our new Locker Booking feature part of our WorkMate Suite

Key Features of Our Locker Booking System

Our locker booking system offers several key features that make it an ideal solution for workplaces and visitor management.

1. Easy Reservation Management

The system is integrated into a larger platform that includes desk and workspace bookings, making it easy for users to manage all their reservations in one place. This creates a seamless experience for users and reduces the likelihood of double bookings.

PlaceOS Locker Booking Interfaces

2. Access Control

The locker system integrates with supported access control systems, this means you can use access control to manage locker access.

3. Flexibility

The locker system is highly flexible and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as visitor management or as a drop-off point for items like dry cleaning. It also allows for override access for guests who have forgotten their pass or have been locked out of the locker.

4. Visual Reference

The system provides a visual reference for each locker, making it easy for users to identify the size of the locker they need. The locker layout dynamically changes based on the size of the lockers available, ensuring that users can select a locker that will accommodate their items properly.

Close Up of PlaceOS Locker Booking Interface

5. Sharing Option

Our locker system also allows users to share a locker with a colleague, making it an ideal solution for workplaces where employees may need to share locker space.

How Can I Get It?

Locker booking will be an integral part of our WorkMate Suite, a comprehensive workplace solution that helps organizations manage their workspaces more efficiently. By integrating locker booking into the same platform as desk and workspace bookings, users can easily manage all their reservations in one place, creating a seamless experience. WorkMate also includes a range of other features, such as visitor management, room booking, and desk booking, making it a complete solution for organizations looking to optimize their workspace management. With WorkMate, organizations can save time, reduce costs, and improve their overall efficiency.

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