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PlaceOS WorkMate is a suite of features to manage your space needs and improve employee experiences. WorkMate includes fundamental requirements such as finding and scheduling space. And it wouldn’t be PlaceOS without additional workflow automation.

By leveraging PlaceOS WorkMate for all your everyday workspace needs, you have more automation at your fingertips, a single point for management and reporting and enterprise-level scalability. And as the PlaceOS Platform is powering WorkMate, it can grow with you. You can even add or change integrations. We frequently add new features and you can work with our partners to build customizations.

All Your Workplace Needs Bundled Into One Suite

WorkMate includes features that complement each other. For example, when you add external attendees to a room booking form, the concierge interface will automatically receive a list of visitors for that day. Workflow automation is a clear advantage of purchasing WorkMate rather than individual Apps. Subscribing to WorkMate also includes any future App in the suite, with new features released frequently.

Room Booking & Management meeting_room

Search for rooms based on availability, size, features and location.
Integrate with Office 365 & Google Workspace
Packed with intelligent workflows for optimal efficiency and ease-of-use.
Show room availability & make ad-hoc bookings on any display or tablet.
Recurring room bookings.
List of meeting room spaces available interface

Desk Booking & Management chair_alt

Book a single desk or in group.
Real-time desk occupancy.
Intuitive workflows that improve utilization.

Car Space Booking & Management directions_car

Book & manage your parking spaces in your building.
Maximize car space utilization.
Provide visitors with premium parking.

Catering room_service

Improve meetings with catering add-ons.
Simple & intuitive to manage.

Visitor Management badge

Streamline visitor experience.
Increased visibility on incoming visitors.

Employee Management business_center

Find who you need quickly.
Simple & intuitive.
Find Employee Location on Map

Asset Management inventory_2

Add & manage assets for any occasion.
Keep track of your assets.

Surveys sentiment_very_satisfied

Trigger surveys for feedback for any occasion, like after a booking.
Want to know why a room isn't being used? Understand the why behind engagement.
Easily manage questions for all your surveys.

Reporting & Analytics analytics

Generate reports on rooms, desks & catering.
Gain insights on occupancy & bookings.
Understand how people are engaging with your spaces.
Daily utilization graph

Finding & Scheduling Space

Need a room? Need a desk? Need to chill out somewhere quiet?
Finding space should be simple, but an enterprise workplace can be tricky. PlaceOS has over ten years of experience helping organizations find and book suitable spaces. We have developed a few tricks up our sleeve, like using our Zone architecture to have unique rules for different rooms. And with hybrid work, we can look at who is actually in the office to schedule the physical space more efficiently. Our location services can also count people for automatic check-in events and space analytics.

Integrations & Automation

PlaceOS has an extensive library of integrations. WorkMate includes the most common workplace systems and devices to enable the suite of features. These integrations are hot-swappable, so you could even change your hardware vendor to another supported integration, and the system will continue to operate. Or you might use different devices across multiple buildings. 

We can enable automation beyond the front-end interface with a direct connection to your workplace systems and devices. Why push a button when we can automate? This includes automatic room check-in and automated visitor emails with access. A recent addition automatically sends surveys based on behaviours (such as room check-in) to receive user feedback.

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Growth & Development

PlaceOS develops, delivers and hosts WorkMate as a service. We frequently update the WorkMate package with improvements, fixes and new features. When you subscribe to WorkMate, you have access to these ongoing benefits. And as multi-national organizations use WorkMate, we have tens of thousands of active daily users- providing feedback and testing the solution.  

If you want to learn more about our releases, you can follow our product team's monthly release webcast.

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