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Indoor Wayfinding for your Workplace

Enhance workplace navigation with indoor wayfinding technology. Explore how these solutions can streamline movement and boost productivity in your office.

Outdoor to Indoor Wayfinding Interface

Our new indoor wayfinding feature, powered by the MapsIndoors API and built on the Google API, offers users a precise indoor mapping experience. This tool allows easy navigation within large buildings to find specific rooms, car spaces, or other points of interest.

Key Features:

  1. Navigation: Directs users from their current location to any chosen point of interest within the building.
  2. Visitor Management: PlaceOS has streamlined visitor check-ins using QR codes. Post check-in, wayfinding aids visitors in locating their destination.
  3. Accessibility Routes: For those needing ramps or elevators, the app offers specialized routes. Users can opt for paths that, for instance, bypass stairs.
  4. Real-time Updates: Displays current room statuses—green for available, red for booked, and yellow for pending. Useful for instantaneous bookings.
  5. WIFI Real-Time Location: The app leverages WIFI real-time location to detect a user's present location, ensuring accurate navigation to their booked space or point of interest.
  6. Map Digitization: The app employs a digitized version of the building's map, with each room or point of interest tagged with coordinates. The system calculates routes between these points for accurate navigation.

The integration of indoor wayfinding aims to elevate user experience by ensuring swift and accurate navigation within expansive structures. This feature is a step forward in optimizing space utilization and providing real-time navigation solutions.

You can watch the product demonstration here.

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