User Interface

The PlaceOS platform allows you to build your own interfaces and then connect to drivers and logic via our API. By decoupling the interface from the platform- any web or app developer can scope, build and deliver their own UX. This enables the ability to have a completely tailored experience for your building or workplace. We have qualified partners that can run agile projects to deliver your solution. 


A good example is NTT developing a workplace app for the Insurance company Suncorp. The App is called “@MyOffice” and is powered by PlaceOS.

Landlord Client

The client is a landlord that provides shared facilities to all tenants. The client decided to custom-design the interface in a series of workshops with their tenants and our development partner. The custom solution is tailored around multi tenant users- sharing resources across the building.

Energy & Resources Company

With over one hundred meeting rooms in a single office building, the Energy client wanted a tailored experience for their employees. Our agency partner designed a custom web application that included 3D floor plans.

Accounting & Business Consultant

The client wanted to focus on the visitor management interface and automated workflows. With purpose-built ‘client floors', the client hosts hundreds of visitors daily. The client worked with our agency partner to run workshops, design prototypes and customize the interface to suit their needs.

Government Workplace

This government organization focused on accessibility with a color-blind-friendly design. The wide-screen kiosk displayed space availability and public transport timetable information.

A Sydney Icon

A popular venue had the unique requirement of video playback at key locations on a guided tour. The outcome was the ability to run more tours by having more places to run information videos.

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